Wine and Dine Basics

This week we bring to you a case study! We are all familiar with the feeling of getting stumped while selecting good wine in a restaurant. Here is a scenario where you have to answer a few basic questions at each stage of wine selection. Have a nice meal! πŸ™‚

Wine & Dine Basics

1) You decide to take some of your friends to try out this new place in town for dinner on your birthday. This place boasts of great food and you want to make the dinner special by ordering good wine. But you are slightly scared of ordering the wrong wine. Which of the following is going to be the most important consideration in selecting the wine you are going order?
2) Once you are seated at your table, a gentleman approaches the table and introduces himself as the resident sommelier. Who is a sommelier?
3) You first ask the sommelier for the specials and you are sold on the Chef's special mutton gravy. You also ask him which wines would compliment the entrΓ©e. Which of the following wines would the sommelier most likely suggest?
4) The wine menu shows a plethora of options in the type of wine of your choosing. There are some really expensive ones labelled as 'reserve'. But you wonder what this really means.
5) After much deliberation you make your choice and the sommelier exclaims "It's a good year." A good year. What does that mean?
6) The steward returns with the bottle and you check the bottle to confirm that it's the same bottle you ordered. You notice that this bottle is closed with a cork. But you have seen many other bottles with screw caps instead of corks. What is the main reason some wine manufacturers have switched from corks to screwcaps as closures for their wines?
7) The steward opens the bottle and places the cork on the table. What is the significance of placing the cork in front of you
8) The steward pours about 10ml of the wine in your glass and waits for your reaction. Why is he doing that?
9) Now something strange happens, the steward brings out a conical flask-like container and pours the wine into it. Why is the steward doing so?
10) The sommelier is impressed with your knowledge and gives you a complimentary glass of a Late Harvest wine with dessert. What makes Late Harvest a great dessert wine?

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