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Much is being said about the new restaurants as well as home-chefs in Mumbai, who have brought a plethora of cuisines and their fusions to the city. If you love food, Mumbai is THE place to be right now! The variety that the city offers in terms of food right now is insane. In this frenzy though, let’s not forget the native cuisine of Mumbai.Mumbai was originally inhabited by communities like the Kolis, East Indians, Pathare Prabhus, Agris and Bhandaris. Each of these communities have a cuisine of their own, and the range of food in each one is astounding. Non-vegetarian food dominates these cuisines. Not just fish, as one would expect, but if one were to go exploring the native cuisine of Mumbai, it would take months to taste every dish!The blends of spices from native Mumbai are heavy on red chili powder, and provide a distinct zing to the food, especially the Koli and Agri masalas, which add heat to the otherwise simple fish and vegetable dishes. Use of coconut, though less in Koli & Agri food, is quite prevalent in Pathare Prabhu food, while East Indian food is a wonderful result of Portuguese influence on the native cuisine.If you get your hands on dishes like Bombil (Bombay duck) fry or curry, pork vindaloo, mutton masala or prawns curry, trust us, you don’t want to pass!

Here’s a recipe of our Koli favorite. Simple and easy to make; but we promise that it’ll be one of the tastiest dishes you eat this week.

Bombil Fry

 Bombil (Bombay Duck) Fry


Bombil (Bombay Duck) 250 gm
Koli Masala 2 tsp
Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
Lemon 1
Rice flour 2 tbsp
Fresh coriander For garnishing
Vegetable Oil


  • Remove unwanted parts and clean the fish
  • Mix the Koli masala, turmeric powder, salt and a little lemon juice to marinate the fish
  • Cover the marinated fish completely in rice flour
  • Heat oil for deep frying.
  • Fry the fish on high flame until light golden. Do not stir or disturb the fish while doing so, as the delicate fish might break
  • Once light golden, flip the fish carefully and lower the flame. Fry until golden brown, as seen in the picture. For the more health conscious, pan frying also works (Put the fried fish on a paper napkin, so the excess oil gets absorbed)
  • Garnish with fresh coriander. Serve hot with onion slices and lemon wedges on the side


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