Thirsty, anyone?

Whether you're sedentary worker, a daily wage labourer, or a world traveler, you have a favorite drink.

But how well do you know these drinks that quench your thirst!

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What would you add to coffee in order to make it a mocha?
Which drink is made from about two tablespoons of an orange crystalline substance that was once used by NASA astronauts, and one cup of cold water.
Which Mary is an alcohol-free beverage made from spicy tomato juice?
What is a mocktail?
This drink is clear, tasteless and is in abundant supply throughout the world, although only a small percentage of it is drinkable.
Oolong is type of this very popular beverage. It's name means black dragon in Chinese. Varieties of oolong include Darjeeling and Vietnamese. Which hot beverage is this?
Bonox is a hot beverage invented in 1918 by Kraft foods. What is it?
Sangria is a wine punch popular in Spain. Introduced in the 1800s, Sangria among the Spanish is typically served at social functions much like punch. What is the literal meaning of Sangria?
What beverage was created by Germany as an alternative to Coca-Cola?
Originating in Australia, what type of drink is Milo?

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