Nachni (Ragi) Ladoo 500g


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  • Traditional nachni (ragi) based sweet from Konkan region of Maharashtra
  • Desirable sweetness and soft, melt-in-mouth texture
  • Contains pure ghee (clarified butter) and no Vanaspati ghee
  • Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate
  • Shelf life: 3 months

Konkan is part of the western coast of India which includes the coastal towns of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Nachni, more popularly known as Ragi, is grown widely in this region and forms a part of their daily diet. While ragi is consumed in various forms across India, making them into ladoos became prominent in Konkan as travel food due its nutritious value and long life. Rich in calcium, ragi is already identified as super food. We’ve made these ladoos even superior by using sprouted ragi flour (nachni satva) in our preparation, which further enhances the mineral content. With cinnamon also being grown in Konkan, we’ve added a pinch of it to turn them into little bombs of flavour!

Content: 500g (16 ladoos)
Ingredients: Sprouted Ragi, Pure Desi Ghee, Sugar, Cinnamon
Shelf life: 3 months

Tip: Do not refrigerate. The Ladoos can be mixed directly with milk to form a great-tasting healthy drink for kids!

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