Happy New Year

At the midnight stroke tonight, the entire nation will go into frenzy, wishing each other Happy New Year and looking to start an amazing 2016 ahead. That happens not just in India, but around the world. While traditionally, different parts of India celebrate New Year during different times, some other countries celebrating today stand out with their own traditions. We bring you a glimpse of a few food traditions, which help start the New Year with great luck!


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Austria: Marzipan pigs
Marzipan is made from sugar or honey and almond. Little pink pigs made from Marzipan are eaten to start a new year, as pigs are a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Spain: Grapes
To be specific, 12 grapes in 12 seconds – one for each month. And while you’re at it, make a wish with each one. Doesn’t seem easy, does it?

Scotland: Shortbread, black bun and whisky (duh)
After midnight, if a dark-haired male (the better looking, the better) is the first one to enter your house with shortbread, black bun and whisky, rest assured that you are going to have a good year. This tradition is called ‘first footing’.

Netherlands: Oliebollen
No, it does not contain what you are probably thinking. Oliebollen (oily spheres) are made by frying dough containing diced apples and raisins and then sprinkling sugar on them.

Japan: Toshikoshi Soba
Toshikoshi Soba (meaning ‘year-passing’ noodles) are buckwheat noodles which are eaten just before midnight. This not only brings you good luck, but also helps you get a long life.

So, which country would you like to be in tonight?

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