Food Idioms

The english language has some common idiomatic expressions which use food words. Can you relate these food words without craving for some food!

1. There is no time limit.

2. Multiple attempts are allowed. However only the first attempt will be considered for any offers by Wandering Foodie

3. Do provide correct email id to receive latest updates from Wandering Foodie or receive your congratulatory mail in case you win

The proof of the _______ is in the eating.

This idiom means the quality of something is uncertain until it has been tested, but what food goes in the blank?
I'm calm, not nervous and not anxious. You might say I'm as cool as a what?
He exaggerates a lot. It might be wise for you to take what he says with a grain (or a pinch) of what?
If something is selling like hotcakes, how is it selling?
Someone who is high up in an organisation, for example, may be described as a big what?
If someone likes something or someone a lot more than others, then it's described as being the what of someone's eye?
If I work to earn the family's living, then I'd be bringing home the what?
A friend tells you that they need to "beef up" their résumé. What do they want to do?
What do you spill when you let out information indiscreetly?
Think this quiz was easy? If you were to describe it, what would it be a piece of?

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