Does Wandering Foodie use any preservatives?

No. All Wandering Foodie products are free from chemical preservatives

Are Wandering Foodie products organic?

No. Wandering Foodie does not make any claims regarding the organic nature of their products or ingredients.

Does Wandering Foodie have an FSSAI certificate?

Yes, Wandering Foodie Pvt. Ltd. has a valid FSSAI certificate, the license number of which is printed on every pack.

What is the shelf-life of Wandering Foodie products?

Different products have different shelf-lives, depending on the nature of the products and its ingredients. The same is mentioned on the products description page. Each pack has a date of expiry mentioned on it, before which the product must be consumed.

Does Wandering Foodie deliver across India?

Yes, Wandering Foodie products are delivered across India, however, limited by the reach of our logistics partner. In case we are unable to service your pincode, we will inform you and cancel your order. Any refund in that case will be processed within 15 days of payment.

How long does it take for a product to be delivered?

Orders received will be processed and dispatched within 48 business hours. However, the time of delivery would depend on the distance and accessibility of the shipping address and our logistics partners.

Does Wandering Foodie customize products?

As of now, Wandering Foodie only customizes packaging for bulk orders. For inquiry, please write to or call on 9082259829