Drinking Traditions

No matter how many historical monuments you visit while traveling, or works of art you fawn over, you'll never understand the people and their culture until you drink with them. Just as every country's cuisine is different, so, too, is how they drink their booze.

Take this quiz to find out if you are ready to clink glasses with your new friends!!


According to French custom, how much wine should be poured in a glass

In which country is the bride-to-be kidnapped and to a bar by the groomsmen on the night before her wedding. The groom must find the group and buy them a round of drinks to get his bride back

Soju, is a popular drink from

Which of these is NOT a Russian tradition while drinking vodka

Shouting' is a drinking custom in Australia. What is 'shouting'?

Where would it be considered bad manners if you were to clink beer mugs

Where is it considered bad luck to toast with a glass of water as they believe it will earn you 7 years of bad sex.

Which of these activities would be considered polite if you were having a drink in China?

How would you say cheers in Spanish?

Find the odd one out

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