Cooking Processes

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Preserving food or enhancing its lifespan by treating with an acidic mixture

Addition of alcohol to a hot pan to create a burst of flames

A food substance is plunged into boiling water for some time and then removed an plunged into cold water to stop the cooking process

Coating food with a glossy (sweet or savoury) substance

The process of extracting flavours from a substance into a solvent like water, oil or alcohol by suspending in the solvent

Food cooked by sealing in airtight plastic bags, below the normal cooking temperature

Thickening and intensifying the flavour of a liquid by by simmering or boiling

Soaking food items in an acidic mixture to tenderize or to add flavour

Cooking the surface of meat at high temperature to form a caramelized crust on top

Heating food to destroy certain microorganisms so as to prolong the food substance's life

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