Chrsitmas Trivia

Christmas through to new year is a time for celebrations and a chance to spend some quality time with friends and family.

While you are enjoying your holidays, take this quiz to find out some Christmas traditions from India and around the world!

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The Indian rum fruit cake is better known as:
Which drink is served traditionally during Christmas and is prepared generally from red wine along with a spice mixture and sometimes raisins. This wine is served hot or warm.
Which traditional Christmas dish, native to Goa is similar to the Gujrati Gujja, Maharastrain Karanji and Bihari Purukiya?
Which one of these desserts would you find on a Greek Christmas table?
On Christmas, the Christians share some delicacies with their neighbours. The unique Christmas preparations of the Goan catholic community are known as?
Which popular christmas drink is made from whipped eggs, cream and a strong spirit such as rum or whisky?
This confection can be moulded into different shapes, made into sweets or used in cakes and is popular all around the world. It primarily consists of sugar/honey and almond meal. Which treat are we talking about?

Port wine is traditionally served at Christmas. But where does the drink get its name ?

Sugar plums are a christmas favorite, but what exactly are sugar plums?
A favorite in Indian homes, which Christmas treat is made from sweet dough shaped into small curls which look a lot like shells?

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