Wandering Foodie Quizzes

Festive Delights – How well do you know the food you gorge on every time a festival comes around?

Differences – Do you know the differences between similar foodstuffs like lime & lemons?

Street Food – Check your knowledge on the street food around the world!

Christmas Trivia – How well do you know the Christmas traditions from India and around the world!

Grape Trivia – This ones all about your favourite fruit – Grapes

Breakfast food – Test your knowledge about the first meal of the day!

Diwali Delicacies – How well do you know the Diwali favourites across India?

Do you know your produce? – How much do you know about the ingredients that go into your food?

Thirsty, anyone? – How well do you know your favorite beverages?

Food Idioms – Can food relate to something that cant be eaten?

Sweet Tooth – Are Desserts your favorite part of the meal?

Chocolate Trivia – Do you know the secrets behind all that goodness of chocolate?

Wine and Dine BasicsWould you be able to order wine at a restaurant?

Dish OriginsDo you know where these popular dishes originated from?

English Name of Ingredients – Can you translate some of these basic ingredients which we know in Hindi to English

Native Dish of the State – Do you know the staple dishes of Indian states?

Cooking Processes – Do you like watching cooking shows?

Drinking Traditions – Are ready for a drinking expedition around the world?

Basic Cooking Skills – Are you a budding chef or a wreck in the kitchen

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