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Welcome to Wandering Foodie’s Hall of Gluttony! Keep taking our fun quizzes to reach our Hall of Gluttony and earn fun privileges!



Hall of Gluttony Members

Total Points
Simmi 1180
Urja Ketkar 1060
Shrinidhi Shetty 870
Madhu 840
Swapna Thanekar 720

Being part of the Hall of Gluttony entitles you to some kickass privileges:

  • Invitation to our recces and exploratory experiences – so you become part of our exploratory team!
  • Assured spot for two on our Mumbai experiences, in case you want to join last minute
  • Samples of all the delicious new products we will launch from time to time!
  • A certificate to document your sin of Gluttony


  • No one is permanent. You may get pushed out by newcomers who score higher
  • Privileges will be revoked if you get pushed out
  • However, you can make a comeback! We would always keep the doors open; only limit the capacity 😉
  • The Hall will be updated every fortnight when a new quiz is released
  • You may make multiple attempts on a quiz, but we’ll only consider your first response. So, think before you click!

Wandering Foodie Quizzes

Festive Delights – How well do you know the food you gorge on every time a festival comes around?

Differences – Do you know the differences between similar foodstuffs like lime & lemons?

Street Food – Check your knowledge on the street food around the world!

Christmas Trivia – How well do you know the Christmas traditions from India and around the world!

Grape Trivia – This ones all about your favourite fruit – Grapes

Breakfast food – Test your knowledge about the first meal of the day!

Diwali Delicacies – How well do you know the Diwali favourites across India?

Do you know your produce? – How much do you know about the ingredients that go into your food?

Thirsty, anyone? – How well do you know your favorite beverages?

Food Idioms – Can food relate to something that cant be eaten?

Sweet Tooth – Are Desserts your favorite part of the meal?

Chocolate Trivia – Do you know the secrets behind all that goodness of chocolate?

Wine and Dine BasicsWould you be able to order wine at a restaurant?

Dish OriginsDo you know where these popular dishes originated from?

English Name of Ingredients – Can you translate some of these basic ingredients which we know in Hindi to English

Native Dish of the State – Do you know the staple dishes of Indian states?

Cooking Processes – Do you like watching cooking shows?

Drinking Traditions – Are ready for a drinking expedition around the world?

Basic Cooking Skills – Are you a budding chef or a wreck in the kitchen