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Sattu Ladoo 500g



Sattu is a flour made from sand-roasted chickpeas (Bengal gram). It is an ancient, beloved ingredient of the Bihari cuisine, and has been used in earlier times as travel food and even soldiers’ food during wars as a reliable source of energy! It is an incredible source of protein and is also used for body building. Sattu is consumed in various forms, including littis, stuffed parathas and even a cooling drink. While Sattu is not traditionally had in the form of ladoos, we thought it’s a great way to bring the goodness of Sattu to you. Together with jaggery and pure desi ghee, the Sattu Ladoo packs great taste and nutrition in every bite.

Content: 500g (16 ladoos)
Ingredients: Sattu, Pure Desi Ghee, Jaggery and Nutmeg
Shelf life: 3 months

Note: Sattu is different from besan. While both are derived from the same pulse, the procedure is different and so is the taste. Sattu is lighter and easier to digest than besan, and hence is ideal for ready-to-eat products.

Tip: Do not refrigerate. The Ladoos can be mixed directly with milk to form a great-tasting healthy drink for kids!



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Weight 500 g