Gavhachi Kheer

Dish: Gavhachi Kheer (Wheat Porridge)

Description: Wheat porridge in jaggery, laced with nutmeg, poppy seeds and dry coconut slices | One of the favorites of Northern Khandesh, this is one dessert you can eat guilt-free!

Level of Difficulty: High

Preparation time (excluding prior preparation): 60 min

Serving: 4-5


2 cups wheat
2 cups jaggery
1/4 cup dry coconut sliced
1/4 tbsp poppy seeds roasted
1/4 nutmeg

Serve with: Milk & Ghee


  1. Soak wheat grains for 10 minutes, then strain off the water
  2. Dehusk the wheat in a food processor at slow speed so the grains don’t break. Keep shuffling grains intermittently.
  3. Tie-up the grains in a muslin cloth for half hour
  4. Spread the grains out to dry for 2-3 hours
  5. Remove any remaining husk by rubbing and winnowing and soak in water for another 2-3 hours
  6. Wash the grains, then add 8 cups water and boil in pressure cooker on high flame. After 4 whistles, simmer on low flame for 10 minutes (Number of whistels may vary depending on the pressure cooker)
  7. Mash the boiled grains until coarse. Do not make a paste. Add some milk if required
  8. Transfer in a vessel. Add granulated jaggery, 4 cups water, poppy seeds, dry coconut and a pinch of salt and bring to boil
  9. Grind nutmeg along with 2 tsp sugar to powder and add to vessel. (Do not boil once nutmeg is added). Turn off the heat and serve.
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