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  • The Culinary Tour of Khandesh provides a unique glimpse into the food culture of Northern Maharashtra and also the upcoming wine culture of India. This cooking tour is a great way to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones, at the same time exploring amazing a new cuisine in the most authentic way possible.

    Designed by two young and passionate entrepreneurs, the Culinary Tour of Khandesh promises to give you a culinary experience like never before. This tour has been featured in various media articles and also on the Discovery Channel on their new TV show #IndiaMyWay. It is also an itinerary approved by the Maharastra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).

    The recipes on this tour have been curated by Ms. Ashalata Patil, who is a leading authority on Khandeshi cuisine. She has contributed recipes to prestigious magazines like Purnabramha by Loksatta (Indian Express Group) and has also featured on Colours Marathi channel on a cooking show.

    So join us on a day of great food fare, where you get to gorge on lip-smacking local food, sip on fine wines, and explore unlikely yet delightful pairings of both. The activity is conducted in Nashik’s oldest vineyard (since 1925), where you can roam about, chat with the farmer, and cook in an open air setup.

    Nashik is around 3.5 hours from Mumbai and is connected with an express highway. The venue is just about a kilometer from the express highway is very easily accessible. We’ll let you know the exact location once you book your spot.

    Here’s how your day would look with us!

    7:00 AM

    Start your journey from Mumbai. The Mumbai-Nashik Expressway is very scenic and is a treat to your eyes. There are some amazing spots where you can stop by and soak in the beauty of nature. Here’s a glimpse:

    The #drive to #Nashik is extremely pleasant! Some #scenic motivation to get you in the car!

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    10:30 AM

    Take a tour of the farm. Roam about, learn about grapes, their origin and all the hard work that goes into growing them right! There are other seasonal crops as well!

    11:30 AM

    Now comes the part where you don the chef’s apron and start cooking! You can choose a dish from our menu, and we will arrange for you to cook it on the farm under the guidance of the locals! Open-air cooking in a vineyard – how often do you get to do that? According to our guests so far, this is the most enjoyable part of the tour! If you’re lucky, you can also find and pluck fresh organic vegetables from the patches to use in your cooking!

    Take a glimpse of what you will be doing:

    You may not #cook often, but #cooking #localfood in a #vineyard is something you might not want to miss 🙂

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    1:30 PM
    No it’s not just the food you make. We have a feast prepared for you too! We treat you to a variety of authentic local dishes, all home cooked, and paired with wines! We’ll talk you through the lunch, explaining the food, the wine and how they interact with each other on your palate. This is where you slip into food coma. The video below is an actual visual of the food we serve. Grab a tissue before you start drooling!

    This is how #lunch on our Khandeshi Food & Wine Tour in #Nashik looks like! #localfood #regionalfood #wine #foodandwine

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    3:30 PM
    After an epic meal and some relaxation, we proceed to the winery. Depending on which winery we go to, this may take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. You are allowed to sleep on the way, unless you are driving, of course! Here’s what you’d be doing in the winery:

    Fancy some #winetasting? Join us for an indulging #wine experience in the lovely #vineyards of #Nashik! A video posted by Wandering Foodie (@wanderforfood) on

      The amount of time spent in the winery depends completely on the group and their interest level, and hence we cannot suggest a finishing time for the same. You may proceed back to Mumbai on the same day of choose to stay back. If you choose the latter, let us know and we can help you with the bookings at preferential rates, through our tie-ups with a couple of good hotels. Are you ready to embark on this epic food trip?

  • “A must do for all food lovers who appreciate the food of interior India” – Gaurav Ramachandran, Taj Group, Mumbai
    “A fantastic weekend adventure, delicious food, spot on wine pairings and great teaching! This was possibly the best weekend trip I’ve had from Mumbai” – Michael Oskin, US Consulate, Mumbai
    “Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Khandeshi cuisine and taking us through the Indian wine district. Loved the food!” – Rebecca & Ashwin Mushran, Actor, Mumbai
    “This was one of the best getaways I had in a long while. Very close to nature and clubbed with warm hospitality” – Anuj Bhardwaj, Delhi
    “Beautiful experience! What every parent wishes their kids to experience in life, learn and see. The posh upcountry life, fruits, farms and wine. An amazing, beyond words experience!” – Mohal Banker, Ahmedabad  

  • Khandesh is a region to the North of Maharashtra, which comprises of the districts Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar and part of Nashik district. Like most other regions, Khandeshi cuisine is based on local produce and the farmers’ lifestyle. Local produce like groundnuts, chilies, eggplant, onion, garlic, millet and jowar constitute the day-to-day food of a typical Khandeshi household. It is also home to the oh-so-delicious Kala Masala, which is so irresistible that our guests have even carried it back home! Mutton cooked in earthen ware, Khandeshi Baingan Bharta, and Varan Bhatti are native dishes that our guests swear by, and have come back for seconds (from out of town). Nashik, being at the edge of Khandesh, has lovingly adopted this cuisine. Together with wine, fresh air and scenic beauty, Nashik makes an amazing food destination. Nashik & Khandesh Map
  • Khandeshi Culinary Tour Price
    Basic Package (no wine or winery tour) 2800
    Basic Package + Wine 3200
    Basic Package + Wine + Winery Tour 3500


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