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Wandering Foodie aims to promote regional Indian cuisines and help each region create a distinct food identity. While ‘Indian Food’ is an all encompassing term, the sheer diversity in cultures in different parts of the country makes it mandatory to identify and respect each food culture separately.

We want to explore and bring forth all the wonderful food offerings of India, already famous or yet hidden, in the most authentic way possible. We travel across the country to get you the best of regional food.

Wandering Foodie Products:

Every region has their culinary treasures, which are hard to find outside the region. We make sure to explore these artisanal foods and bring them to you so you don’t miss out the great food our country has to offer.Our products are of top-notch quality and represent the best of the region’s flavours. We use locally available ingredients and local labour, so we can preserve authenticity to the greatest extent possible. Wandering Foodie products are free from chemical preservatives and are in most cases, hand made.

By purchasing Wandering Foodie products, you not only explore great new food, but also help preserve traditional recipes, which would otherwise get lost over time.

Wandering Foodie Experiences:

Wandering Foodie conducts culinary tours in Nashik and Mumbai, to help food loves experience food at its source.

Our approach to local food is not local restaurants. Instead, we seek families who are native to the region. The food you eat as our guest is made by these indigenous people, using indigenous ingredients and techniques, in the freshest manner possible.

Apart from just eating, Wandering Foodie’s guests get to experience the complete ‘food culture’ of the place. This includes farm visits, knowledge about local produce, seasonality, food traditions and processes, and more excitingly, a chance to learn to cook local dishes of your liking.


Wandering Foodie was conceptualized by Rahul &Vinod out of their love for eating and the desire to explore the world doing that. What started out as a passion project started taking shape as a business which aims to revolutionize regional Indian food.

IMG_3762 Wandering Foodie Founders – Rahul Patil & Vinod Sarma

Rahul Patil has graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and worked with Asian Paints as Brand Manager for two years. As part of his work and also as a passion, he has travelled extensively. His habit – eat local. But it was hard. Disappointingly, sometimes most locals didn’t know what was best and most authentic. It was out of this love and deprivation that he decided to go hunting for knowledge about food cultures and traditions across the country, and share it with the rest of the world.

While fast food is taking over the world in frenzy, Rahul is a firm believer in traditional food, and aims to build an understanding and appreciation among the people about the cultural importance of food.

Vinod Sarma has graduated from NITIE, Mumbai and worked in Deloitte Consulting for a year. Prior to this he worked in the Oil & Gas sector for 3 years. Vinod is a self-proclaimed food connoisseur (read glutton) and loves exploring different cuisines. During his travels he fell in love with the local cuisine of every region. The ubiquitous fast food culture has made it difficult to find authentic local food. He is on a mission to revive the old traditions and recipes, which have been lost in time.